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JUANA ADCOCK is a Mexican-born Scotland-based poet and translator. Her translations and poems on language, communication, migration, identity and violence have appeared in numerous publications and her first book, Manca, explores the anatomy of violence in the Mexican drug war and was named by Reforma's distinguished critic Sergio González Rodríguez as one of the best poetry books published in 2014. Her English-language debut, Split (Blue Diode Press), was a Poetry Book Society Winter Choice in 2019.


NICKY ARSCOTT is an artist living in Llanbrynmair. She has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Texas at Austin. Her work has been exhibited across the UK including at the Royal Academy, Hay Festival, MOMA Machynlleth and currently as part of the Welsh Illustrators exhibition at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. She has collaborated on a number of poetry comics with writers from around the world including Cameroon, India and Latvia.

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'This Body of a Woman I Inhabit' was first published in Wales Art Review.

Nicky Arscott/

Juana Adcock

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